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Coastal wetland conservation

  • Coastal wetland conservation

Considering that 23% of the world’s population and 60% of all megacities are located in lowland areas within 100 kilometres of the sea, coastal and delta wetlands are under increasing pressure. Various world famous wetlands have been lost or severely damaged, such as the Yellow sea wetlands in China, which were lost from reclamation, the Niger Delta mangroves in Nigeria which are severely degraded by the oil and gas sector and the Mississippi delta (USA) which experiences massive land loss due to infrastructure developments and changes in hydrology.

To prevent further decline of some of the most important wetland gems and their unique biodiversity we work with communities, government agencies and the private sector to monitor threats and develop practical on-the-ground conservation solutions. We do so by mapping the status and trends of these wetlands with satellite imagery. We develop  and implement management plans  for selected sites, and define action plans to address threats resulting from developments on-site, as well as those that emerge elsewhere along the coast or upstream. We focus our work on sites that are of high importance for migratory waterbirds, as nursery grounds for fish, or in more general terms on areas that have a particularly unique wilderness value.