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Three Approaches:

  1. Research and Surveys: Conduct researches and surveys to conserve wetlands and their biodiversity.
  2. Awareness Raising: Raise awareness on Ramsar Convention and on the importance of wetlands and their ecosystems.
  3. Supporting and Networking: Support domestic/ international organizations committed to wetlands conservation and use “National Ramsar Committee” network to inform the members of international Ramsar/ Wetlands trends.

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Ramsar Conference, Bucharest

The Ramsar Conference (6 - 13 July 2012 in Bucharest, Romania) offered an opportunity to strengthen and extend the reach of the Convention to achieve improved wetland conservation and management. We attended the conference with a team of experts from our global network and engaged Contracting Parties and partners to achieve these objectives. 

Project Description:

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Small steps forward at Ramsar Conference of Parties


Wetlands International presses for action on the drivers of wetland destruction at the Ramsar Conference of Parties


Resolutions for adoption

At the the conference a number of resolutions were considered by Contracting Parties addressing some of the most significant issues impacting wetlands, including agriculture, climate change and energy. These are:
  • Draft Resolution 10 (energy) preventing increased greenhouse gas emissions from energy development - in particular biofuels - in wetlands
  • Draft Resolution 14 (climate change) stimulating the new incentives created under the Kyoto Protocol and opportunities under the Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation (REDD+) and Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA) to restore and better manage peatlands
  • Draft Resolution 15 (agriculture & pesticides) to reduce the overuse of pesticides in rice paddy ecosystems.
  • Draft Resolution 20 (responsible investment in land) to ensure wetlands and their underlying freshwater are protected from the growing impacts of foreign-based land investment.

View our positions on Draft Resolutions


Our activities and events

Our staff engaged in several side events on global and regional themes relevant to the Convention and COP11 issues. We led the following side events:

Sunday 8 July

An urgent global call to reduce pesticide-related risks in rice paddy production systems: responsible management of wetland agro-ecosystems for food security and biodiversity conservation.

View Leaflet | FAO factsheet on plant protection | PAN factsheet on pest outbreaks | FAO guide to sustainable intensification | side event blog

View the presentations:


Sunday 8 July

Launch of the Waterbird Population Estimates V and report of the first Global Inter-Flyway Network meeting
View Leaflet


Sunday 8 July

STRP briefing event: wetlands in a changing climate
View Leaflet

Tuesday 10 July

Peatlands: global challenges and opportunities for the Ramsar Convention
Featured a presentation on our latest publication: Peatlands – guidance for climate change mitigation by conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable use 

View the presentations:


Tuesday 10 July

Wetlands wise use and oil and gas development: problems and opportunities

View Leaflet  | View Event Summary

View the presentations:


Side events of others

We also participated in the following side events:

Monday 9 July
13.15 – 14.45, Room 3
Tools for Parties: practical demonstration on use of IUCN Freshwater species datasets: tools for site designation and / or management and monitoring
Tuesday 10 July
13.15 – 14.45, Room 3
Valuing wetlands – Capturing economic benefits from wetlands wise use
Thursday 12 July
13.15 – 14.45, Room 7
The disappearing tidal flats of the East Asian-Australasian Flyway
Thursday 12 July
13.15 – 14.45, Room 9
For peat’s sake! Arctic wetlands in a changing world
Friday 13 July
13.15 – 14.45, Room 4
Wetland Centre Networks, CEPA and flyways

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Project Partners:

Wetlands International & the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands

Wetlands International was instrumental in establishing the convention in 1971 and has played a key guiding and implementing role as an International Organisation Partner for the past 40 years. Together with partners and contracting parties (national governments), we provide crucial information on wetlands and waterbirds.

We remain on the cutting edge of management approaches and research and provide information on Ramsar sites through our Ramsar Site Information Service. We have also been instrumental in amplifying the health, livelihoods and poverty, as well as climate dimensions involved in wetland conservation within the convention.

Read more in our Joint Communication

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