Projects of Wetlands International Japan

Three Approaches:

  1. Research and Surveys: Conduct researches and surveys to conserve wetlands and their biodiversity.
  2. Awareness Raising: Raise awareness on Ramsar Convention and on the importance of wetlands and their ecosystems.
  3. Supporting and Networking: Support domestic/ international organizations committed to wetlands conservation and use “National Ramsar Committee” network to inform the members of international Ramsar/ Wetlands trends.

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National Wetland Wise Use Survey in Japan

Project of year 2005- 2007. Although the Ramsar Convention has long advocated the “Wise Use” of wetlands, this concept has yet to take root in Japan. Therefore, Wetlands International has embarked on a survey of wetland wise use practices throughout Japan through field studies and interviews.

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Survey and workshops: Wise use of wetlands

This project aims to determine the current state of wetlands in Japan and to promote their wise use. To date, nine Japanese Ramsar sites have been surveyed; evaluation criteria for wise use have been developed and a workshop has been held at the Katano-kamoike Ramsar site.

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Illustrated seaweed and sea-grass guidebook

A guidebook will be developed for publication in 2007.


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Eco-life fair exhibition booth

This booth aimed to raise awareness about the Ramsar Convention and wetland functions. It was organized jointly by the Ramsar Centre Japan and the Japanese Ministry of Environment.

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Biodiversity festival booth

This booth aimed to raise awareness on the biodiversity of wetlands, and featured a fishing game and pressed seaweed activities.

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