Participatory Procedure for Researching Tidal Flat Benthos

Wetlands International Japan is working on capacity-building of trainers and actors of tidal flat benthos survey.

Project Outline

Among other coastal ecosystems, tidal flats are one of the most important ecosystems and serve as a nest of rich biodiversity. Tidal flats function as habitats for fish and shellfish, as well as feeding grounds and stopover sites for Waterbirds. In addition, they play a role as “water purification tanks” that decompose organic matters.
These functions are supported by taxonomically-diverse benthic animals. Benthic animals are both predators and preys of other tidal flat creatures: they eat organic matters and seaweeds, as well as are eaten by waterbirds that would migrate to other sites. Their roles are essential to maintain coastal ecosystem.


Monitoring of the benthic animals is important for conservation of tidal flats. Continuous monitoring can also serve a “health check of tidal flats”. In order to conduct accurate “health check”, WIJ works on two types of capacity-building activities as follows:

1. Development of survey method and materials


2. Participatory Survey events and “Survey Leader” training

Wetlands International Japan has been developing handy-sized guidebooks that can serve for both beginners of tidal flat survey and experts. Pictorial benthos catalogues are included for use on sites.

A “Life-sized guide” on laminated sheet and a DVD “Movie guide for participatory procedure for tidal flat benthos survey” have also been made available to support the project. Read more.
  Wetlands International Japan has been implementing “Tidal flat benthos survey at citizen’s participation” events and “Survey Leader” training nationwide, in order to meet citizen’s needs such as “I want to know the state of tidal flat benthos more!” or “I want to conduct a tidal flat survey by myself!“ “Survey Leaders” are those who are trained and qualified to be able to guide tidal flat surveys at citizen’s participation. Read more


第3回 いきものにぎわい市民活動大賞 受賞 by miho_hiruma

富士フイルム・グリーンファンド活動奨励賞 受賞

「干潟生物の市民調査」手法による八代海のベントス相調査の記事が掲載されました! by miho_hiruma

富士フィルム・グリーンファンドの「グリーンレター」No.35に、2011年度研究助成の「「干潟生物の市民調査」手法による八代海のベントス 相調査」の記事が掲載されました。 

干潟ベントスフィールド図鑑のご購入先について by miho_hiruma