What is World Wetlands Day (WWD)?

The Ramsar Convention was signed in Ramsar, Iran, on February 2, 1971. In order to celebrate its establishment- and wetlands throughout the world, February 2 was designated as World Wetlands Day (WWD). Started in 1997. This day also serves to raise awareness on the conservation and wise use of the world’s wetlands.

Every year WWD takes on a different theme. For instance, in 2007, “Fish for Tomorrow?” highlighted the important relationship between wetlands and fisheries. In 2008, the link between wetlands and health will be explored with “Healthy Wetlands, Healthy People.”  You can find detailed infromation at the Ramsar Convention Secretariat's report on WWD2008.

We work towards increasing the number of people organising World Wetlands Day events through networking and sending staff to provide additional support.