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WIJ hosts “Blessings of Wetlands Tasting Event” for WWD2011


On February 2nd, 2011, WIJ hosted “Blessing of Wetlands Tasting Event” within “Ramsar 40th Anniversary Symposium,” held by Ministry of Environment of Japan (MoE).

The symposium was co-hosted by UNU-ISP and WIJ.

The tasting event was conducted at 15:10~15:30, during the break time of the symposium. Albeit the short range of time, the event bustled with more than 90 people.  7 regions over Japan presented each of their wetland products, and among them, 5 regions sent off 9 officers, who introduced what they brought.

Below is the list of organizations exhibited in the event:

  • KIWC (Kushiro-shitsugen, Akan-ko)
  • Kiritappu Wetland Trust (Kiritappu-Shitsugen)
  • Osaki city, Miyagi (Kabururi-numa and surrounding Rice Paddies)
  • Tsuruoka city, Yamagata (Oyama Kami-ike Shimo-ike)
  • West district of Niigata city/ Sakata-to-Ayumu-Akatsuka-no-kai (Sakata)
  • Imuta-ike no Bekkou-tombo wo hogo suru kai (Imuta-ike)
  • Manko Waterbird and Wetland Center (Manko)

List of exhibited wetland products

We hope it has provided opportunity for participants to recognize the importance of wetlands in our livelihood while enjoying various wetland products.

Symposium Venue (UNU Elizabeth Rose Hall)

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